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Oct 19, 2005
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October 19, 2005
All Work And No Play

Now we usually don't delve into the world
of actual news, but Jack Thompson can't be 
ignored. The guy is just too freaking
insane. I knew the guy was a douche but I
had no idea how far his douchebaggery
went. I won't go off on a giant tirade
because Locke already has. And be
forwarned he is extremely biased and 
opinionated. Also, it's pretty funny.

I picked up the Warriors yesterday. Yes,
they actually had it. It is great. It
plays along the lines of GTA. If you are
a fan of the movie you have to own this
game. After I finish it up, I will try
to post a review about it. But we all
know how that goes usually. Also, Batman
Begins was released yesterday and you
must own a copy of this movie. That is

Enjoy the comic!


"A Jose Canseco bat? Tell me... you 
didn't pay money for this."

October 19, 2005
Don't Hate the Game
The man is fucking, bat-shit, loco.

It seems Jack has been up to his old 
tricks recently, and it seems some 
people have had enough, at least the guys
at PA have had enough.  Jack says he's a 
foot soldier of God, doing His work. This
is strange, because I had lunch with God
and he tells me he loves video games. 
He's looking forward to the next GTA
installment. Also, taking a lesson from 
NIMF, He would like you to stop using his
name in your radical campaign.

This portion goes right out to Jack 
himself.  I'm a nineteen year old gamer; 
I've been playing games all my life, and 
I guess I'm from bizarro world or 
something. See, where I'm from parents 
did their jobs and didn't rely on 
anything else to raise their kids. People
were also held responsible for there 
actions. Here's something you might not 
know Jack, from what I know, charity is 
giving money or goods to those in need 
with no strings attached. You giving 10 
grand for something in return is not 
charity; where I'm from, that's called 
buying something. Also, I was taught 
that when I said I'd do something and 
then I didn't do it, it was called lying;
apparently my parents were wrong and it's
called being clever and witty. I guess 
people just aren't up to par with you 
rapier wit, eh Jack, but don't worry two
gamers were able to pick up the slack and
donate ten thousand dollars in your name.
On top of that they're going to have a 
charity drive that will allow gamers to 
help people around the world, and unlike 
you they're not expecting to get anything
from it.

So Jack was on CNN. I didn't watch it, 
but did they ask about his bogus charity,
or did they just decide to ignore it 
among other things? I don't understand 
you news media types; putting that man on 
the news is like putting me on the news. 
I'd just spout on about how the 
government is run by a secret 
organization and the president is just a 
bogus figure head to make people think 
they have control. You know, we'd both
just be spouting garbage, except mine 
holds a little more truth. Jack just 
seems to be making a fool of himself more 
than usual recently, and it's even got me
asking, "What Happens Next?"  Keep going 
with your crazy crusade Jack; I don't 
know whats going to happen, but it'll be 
funny to watch.

Jack spends most of his time just surfing 
message boards and webcomics to see if 
he's mentioned so I wouldn't be surprised 
if I got one of his "Stop this or else," 
messages. What's the matter Jack, can't
figure  out what you're gonna do, huh?


"Damn, you crazy!"

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